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Omega Communications are a specialist consultancy providing services in the field of counter extremism, training and education. Since 2009 founding Director, Nick Daines, has delivered intervention and education programmes designed to support individuals that may be vulnerable to radicalisation and extremist ideologies.

With an understanding of the often controversial nature of this evolving field, our approach has always been to support individuals; address areas of vulnerability through, improved understanding, provision of opportunities and above all offering a non-judgemental perspective for those we work with.

We offer a truly multi-agency strategy that is complimented by the diverse experience of our Mentors, Intervention Providers and subject Specialists.

Why Counter Extremism?

Why Counter Extremism?

Counter extremism is a very unique and specialised area so we are always asked, why? People who are vulnerable to extremism and those who hold strong ideological views, can be open to exploitation. The reasons that make people vulnerable are varied and often engagement with an extreme religious or ideological point of view, can be a symptom of other issues. At Omega we offer a holistic, safeguarding approach in order to tackle the root causes of extremism and prevent individuals acting violently on extreme attitudes. We combine this with a one to one mentoring strategy to tackle the issue before it becomes a problem.

"Extremism will always exist in our societies, but we must all take responsibility for standing against ideological views."
Counter Terrorism Ideologies

Counter Extremism Ideologies

Encouraging dialogue about extremism is critical. Our stance is that extremism will always exist in our societies, but we must all take responsibility for standing against ideological views which foster hatred and seek to achieve objectives through violent means. Such ideological extremes often seek to provide absolutes as solutions to complex issues by perverting religious interpretation or claiming superiority over others based on racial prejudices. We seek to re-humanise complex issues and provide greater understanding, in order to prevent violence being used as a solution. At Omega we are able to offer mentoring, awareness and intervention programmes which challenge a range of radical ideology with a particular focus on Extreme Right Wing and Islamist narratives.

"You really have turned my life around mate, because I know that without you I would not be doing this amazing thing, I would not be able to feel this proud, but most of all, I wouldn't be. You genuinely saved my life, more than once. Above all Nick the best I can say is Thank you. Thank you for everything.



We offer specialised intervention to the Channel programme, with recognised Home Office registered Intervention Providers (IP’s). This is where an individual referral will have been made and a decision taken at the Channel review to offer specialist intervention. Our providers have expertise in Extreme Right Wing / Far Right ideology and Islamist narratives.


There are often times in our lives when we can all benefit from guidance and support. Our mentors come from a broad range of backgrounds and experiences and we are focused on ensuring that we partner the right people with those that we mentor. We offer creative one to one mentoring sessions to suit the needs of the individual and support with issues on a non-judgemental basis. Often positive outcomes are achieved for people when they are able to discuss concerns with someone independent who can advocate and mediate on their behalf. Young people in particular are vulnerable to being drawn into negative ideology and behaviour, our focus is on developing supportive strategies to ensure those we work with succeed. Omega have specialist mentors with experience in not only Religious/ Ideological Extremism but, Gang Behaviour, Serious Youth Violence, Female Gangs, Drug & Alcohol misuse

We have a reputation for achieving positive outcomes with particularly hard to reach individuals and families. Some factors we address

  • Positive role models
  • Alternative perspectives
  • Education and awareness
  • Advocate / Intermediary
  • Responsible adult
  • Goal setting - Life goals and helping achieve them
  • Motivation
  • Risk Reduction
  • Employment Support


Omega offer a number of training programmes and workshops aimed at a wide variety of individuals including: Police Officers, Social Workers, Teachers, Doctors and Nurses, Psychologists and Students to name a few. Programmes include:

  • SafeNet

    Online Safety & Radicalisation

  • WRAP

    Workshop to Raise Awareness of Prevent, Specialist Speakers

  • Guest Speakers


SafeNet originated from a genuine passion to raise awareness and share valuable information with people about cyber safety and online radicalisation. Our mission with Safenet is twofold:

  1. to bridge the information gap we believe exists in the knowledge some of us hold regarding online behaviour and Social Media use
  2. to create a safe space for young people to improve their awareness of online risk

Our research found that often, there is a disturbing ease of access for young people to shocking material and images of all kinds, with more children and vulnerable adults being exploited. SafeNet provides essential awareness, information and practical advice around issues such as:

  • Social Media trends
  • Grooming behaviour and how it is facilitated online
  • Insight into risk taking behaviour
  • Awareness of "The Dark Web" and it's accessibility
  • Practical safeguarding tools and online controls
  • Progress of online radicalisation and extremism
  • Use of online propaganda and how it's being harnessed

This programme is suitable for anybody who is currently training to, or working closely with children, teenagers and vulnerable adults especially: Childminders, police officers, teachers and lecturers, care workers, child protection, after school club leaders (scouts, sports clubs etc.), doctors and nurses, social workers, hostel workers.

WRAP – The Workshop to Raise Awareness of Prevent Home Office

In July 2015 the Counter Terrorism and Security Act placed a duty on all education organisations and care providers to inform staff about safeguarding against extremism and the Prevent strategy. We have several Home Office registered WRAP trainers able to offer workshops for professionals and regularly deliver these sessions for Education and Health Care teams. These sessions clearly set out the Prevent referral pathway and improve understanding around safeguarding issues relating to extremism.

For further reading, Download the pdf.


"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the knowledge shared on the SafeNet awareness session. I work with vulnerable children and their families between the ages of 8-12. The information shared blew my mind, I felt I had a good understanding of what goes on on the Internet, how wrong was I. Not only has the session highlighted just how worrying the internet can be, it has also made me look at it from a different perspective and think of how it is for the children growing up in today’s society (generation Z). I feel that all professionals working with young people would benefit from this awareness session and would highly recommend Omega Communications for this delivery. In order to keep our young people safe it is important that we keep ourselves up to date in modern technology and this is the perfect place to start. Thank you."Kerry - Childrens Services
"To say what this man has done for me in a paragraph would be impossible, but quite simply, he saved my life. Very literally and more than once. I met Nick during a very bad time, I was going through so much and I was ready to give up on everything. Thankfully, Nick wasn’t. From the moment he met me he treated me not like a case but a friend. Nick was there whenever I needed him, he would always answer the phone and never rush me. He tailored our meetings to suit me, he made me feel comfortable, and I knew that I could trust him. There are people out there who treat everybody the same and just try to get the job over and done. Nick treats people as individuals and goes that extra mile. In the 8 years of me seeing professionals in every field there is, Nick has been the only one to ever help me. He has changed my life for good, and I am glad that I get to call him a friend today. He has given me hope and a lot of strength to do things that I could never have done this time 2 years ago. Thank you Nick, I will be grateful for what you have done for the rest of my life."Josh - CTU referral
"Thank you for coming along to our service day, I have now received a summary of the feedback sheets and you will be pleased to know that your Channel presentation proved to be the most popular session of the day. Several people commented how interested they were and how much they learned from it, and expressed the wish to know more."Joy - Channel Chairperson
"On behalf of the team, can I say a big thank you for the delivery of a very informative session. The session has provided an invaluable insight and awareness of the use of the net and the need to raise awareness."Carol - Child Protection

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